ISG has a proven track record of successfully managing books of business – reducing costs, extracting value, and providing an optimal outcome for our clients.

ISG is known for taking a pragmatic, sensitive and non-adversarial approach to run-off, maintaining positive relationships with counter-parties wherever possible.

We leverage our extensive market knowledge, high-level specialist expertise and advanced systems to better understand and resolve liabilities and assets.

Our capabilities encompass the full range of applicable disciplines from claims management and adjusting, audits and inspections, arbitration, litigation, commutations and settlement negotiations to asset management and reinsurance recoveries.

We are flexible in our pricing structure – happy to warehouse current staff, charge on an hourly basis, or partake in contingency payment based arrangements. We are also well placed to assist in the sale and purchase of run-off entities where this is the client’s preferred route.

Whatever the chosen approach, we have a proven ability to protect our clients’ interests and secure for them the best possible financial outcome.

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