The Independent Services Group story goes back over a decade. The ISG brand itself, however, only came into existence in 2005 when it was created to provide a unified identity for the various entities within the group.

The first ISG company to come into existence was IMS, which was primarily a consulting organisation specialising in audits and collections services formed from the merger of two smaller firms in 2000. Its operations now come directly under the ISG brand.

ILMS, now wholly owned by ISG, began life in 2000 as a special purpose vehicle set up to handle several portfolios of discontinued business acquired by Creechurch Underwriting Agency Limited, going on to manage the run off of CIGNA Europe Insurance Company S.A.-N.V. (successor to CIGNA Insurance Company of Europe, S.A.-N.V.).

IBS followed in 2004. Originally used to manage part of the run off administration of a U.S. based insurance and reinsurance company, IBS has since evolved into a fully approved FCA broker and Lloyd’s run-off broker.

ISG-IT grew out of ISG’s philosophy of making full use of current information technology to ‘work smarter.’ Incorporated in 2006, ISG-IT has successfully delivered a wide range of IT-related projects in the (re)insurance arena and beyond.

In 2011 ISG Advisory Services Ltd was established to co-ordinate all of ISG’s consultancy offerings.